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Name: Mercedes Varnado
A.K.A: Mercedes Mone,Sasha Banks
Born: January 26, 1992
From: Boston, Massachusetts
NXT Debut: December 12th, 2012
WWE Debut: July 13, 2015
NJPW Debut: January 4th,2023
Mini Bio: Mercedes Mone thrives on silencing her critics. Once told she wouldn’t be tough or strong enough to make it in NXT, Banks continues to prove the doubters wrong. She draws upon her naturally competitive nature and will to compete, proving herself a token of inspiration to anyone who was ever denied an opportunity.

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NJPW Resurgence Results – May 21, 2023
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NJPW Strong Women’s Championship Tournament: Mercedes Mone defeated Stephanie Vaquer

This was another match on the ever-growing list of great Mone matches. That’s not to say it was all Mone because Vaquer looked very good throughout this match.

Before the match could begin, the crowd showered Mone in cheers. Once the match actually began, Mone and Vaquer had a prolonged back-and-forth sequence, with neither woman gaining much of an advantage.

A sudden arm drag and crossface from Mone allowed her to establish the first lead in the match, which she used to set Vaquer on the top rope. Vaquer took advantage, securing an armbar from the top and stealing control from Mone.

It took running knees from the apron to the floor for Mone to reverse momentum back in her favor. Another pair of flying knees on the inside scored Mone a nearfall. Growing desperate, Mone landed a cross body, but Vaquer reversed into a crossface. After Mone escaped, she locked in her own crossface but failed to close.

Mone attempted a Mone Maker but couldn’t connect. In response, Vaquer landed a DDT and a backbreaker for a nearfall that took the wind from the building.

Vaqour kept up the pressure, landing a barrage of offense. Mone avoided a leg drop to put Vaquer on the backfoot. She then landed a lung blower and the Mone Maker to win the pinfall.

NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale defeated Mercedes Mone

While the finish was awkward, this match was awesome. Willow is a star; there’s no way around it. Mone is the best in the world.

The match opened with an extended ovation for both women. The action started when Willow used a handshake to work Mone to the mat. This upset Mone, who tried working Willow down in response. Willow answered with a nasty pounce that sent Mone crashing into the ropes.

Willow controlled the pace for quite some time. A step-up enziguri left Mone grounded, allowing Willow to take the back. Willow then hit Mone with a spinebuster and locked in a deep Boston crab. Once Mone escaped, Willow hoisted her on the top rope and landed a brutal superplex for a nearfall.

Mone began to fight back with a bunch of strikes. She then climbed to the top rope, where Willow met her again. This time, Mone dropped Willow against the top rope, buying her some time. Mone then locked in the crossface, but Willow powered out, hitting Mone with a brutal powerbomb. Mone didn’t kick out of the pin that followed, but the referee stopped his count at two. Mone seemed to be genuinely rocked, but the match went on. Willow hit a second powerbomb and pinned Mone to win the match.

In one of the biggest shocks in recent memory, Willow Nightingale pinned Mercedes Mone to become NJPW Strong Women’s champion.

After the match, Mone was carried out of the ring.

Willow cut the show closing promo with tears in her eyes. She thanked everyone, including Mone. This is only the beginning of Willow Nightingale.

Stardom Allstar Grand Queendom 2023 Results
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Mercedes Mone lost the IWGP Women’s Championship to Mayu Iwatani in the co-main event. In a match that saw Mone taunt Iwatani for most of the bout, Iwatani pinned Mone after hitting a dragon suplex. After the match, Mone said that she loves being the CEO of Stardom and told Iwatani that she really was the icon of Stardom

NJPW Sakura Genesis 2023 Results
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This was Moné’s first successful defense of the IWGP Women’s Title.

As someone who doesn’t watch STARDOM, I was impressed with AZM and Hazuki. The High Speed style they employed with constant submission and flash pin attempts resulted in some cool three-way spots with Moné in the middle. Moné held up her end of the bargain, solidifying her spot as one of the premier women’s wrestlers in the world. After the KAIRI match at Battle In The Valley, working a three-way match with two new opponents in front of a Japanese crowd that she had never worked in front of before was a massive challenge. But she came across like a big star, and the match held up despite the challenges. Moné won by grabbing AZM as she was rolling up Hazuki and hitting her with the Moné Maker on top of Hazuki

NPW Battle of the Valley February 18th 2023 Results
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Mone and KAIRI locked up to get the match underway. Mone came close to finishing the match early after applying the Bank Statement. KAIRI delivered headscissors to Mone and sent her out of the ring. The champion leaped off the apron to take Mone down on the floor. Back inside the ring, KAIRI connected with a chop to the chest. Mone responded with a flurry of chops in the corner. Mone delivered double knees and attempted a pin. 

Mone sent KAIRI out of the ring after dragging her against the steel holding up the middle turnbuckle. Mone slapped KAIRI in the face while trash-talking. Mone delivered a single-arm DDT in the center of the ring. The challenger applied an armbar. Mone continued to focus on the left arm of the champion. KAIRI briefly took control on the floor before Mone sent her into the ring post. 

Mone targeted KAIRI’s left arm again upon returning to the ring. KAIRI drove Mone down with a double stomp from the top turnbuckle. The champion picked up the pace and speared Mone. KAIRI went up top again and connected with a flying forearm. KAIRI locked in a figure four on the neck. Mone and KAIRI fought on the apron. Mone took out KAIRI with double knees on the floor. 

Mone headed to the top turnbuckle and landed double knees in the center of the ring. KAIRI kicked out of the pinfall attempt that followed. Mone connected with a cutter and attempted another pin. KAIRI countered another double knee attempt to lock in a submission focusing on the knees. Mone reversed and applied the Bank Statement. KAIRI escaped. 

KAIRI lifted Mone and delivered an Alabama slam. KAIRI kicked Mone in the back of the neck while she was draped over the middle rope. Mone got back to her feet and connected with a belly-to-belly suplex. Mone went for the Three Amigos. KAIRI countered into a DDT. Strikes were exchanged in the center of the ring. Mone pulled the referee in the way of the action. KAIRI and Mone brawled on the entrance ramp. Mone pulled out a table next to the stage. KAIRI sent Mone through the table with a powerbomb. 

KAIRI grabbed Mone and sent her back into the ring. The champion went to the top turnbuckle and failed to connect with an elbow. KAIRI got her knees up to block Mone’s frog splash attempt. Mone eventually landed the Mone Maker to win the title. 

Winner and NEW IWGP Women’s Champion: Mercedes Mone via pinfall