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Name: Mercedes Varnado
A.K.A: Mercedes Mone,Sasha Banks
Born: January 26, 1992
From: Boston, Massachusetts
NXT Debut: December 12th, 2012
WWE Debut: July 13, 2015
NJPW Debut: January 4th,2023
AEW Debut: March 13th, 2014
Mini Bio: Mercedes Mone thrives on silencing her critics. Once told she wouldn’t be tough or strong enough to make it in NXT, Banks continues to prove the doubters wrong. She draws upon her naturally competitive nature and will to compete, proving herself a token of inspiration to anyone who was ever denied an opportunity.

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AEW Dynamite Results-April 10th,2024
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ALEX MARVEZ Sits Down With Mercedes Mone

We shoot back to Alex Marvez’s recent sit-down interview with Mercedes Mone. The “CEO” talks about arriving to the scene in AEW and confirms her in-ring debut for AEW Double Or Nothing 2024.

She talks about how devastating her match with Willow Nightingale was before she came to AEW because it resulted in an injury and cost her the chance at becoming the first-ever NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion.

As she continues to talk, the lights go out and we hear some chaos as Schiavone yells in the dark for someone to turn on the lights. When the lights finally come back on, we see Mone laid out as Marvez yells for help as we head to another commercial break.

AEW Dynamite Results-April 3rd.2024
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Willow Nightingale Talks TBS Women’s Title, Gets Confronted By Mercedes Mone

We see live shots of The Young Bucks duo of Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, wearing the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels colored suits from the first Dumb & Dumber movie, as they arrive to the DCU Center. The Best Friends are also shown arriving wearing matching jackets, including Trent’s mom, Sue!

Back inside the DCU Center, Renee Paquette is on the microphone on the entrance ramp and she introduces her guest at this time, the number one contender to the AEW TBS Women’s Championship, Willow Nightingale.

Nightingale makes her way out and Paquette asks her how she feels knowing she’s just weeks away from challenging Julia Hart for the TBS Women’s Championship at AEW Dynasty 2024. Willow says she feels freaking great and asks the Worcester crowd how they are feeling tonight.

She talks about busting her butt in this town for years a while ago, where she would wrestle in a little place called the White Eagle, which gets a big pop from the live crowd. Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway are shown playing to the crowd reactions in the background.

Willow calls this a home away from home and the place where she learned who Willow Nightingale is. She said every time she asked herself if someone like her belonged or could make it in wrestling, your cheers reassured her.

She says it’s what helped water her and made her blossom into who we see today, the woman who will challenge Julia Hart for the TBS Women’s Championship. She says she’s so confident due to the fan support that she knows she’s going to become the smiling face of TBS.

Stokely Hathaway says last week she had what young kids would call a “banger” and knocked it out of the park. She says week after week after week she impresses him and the entire world. As he continues to talk, the theme for Mercedes Mone cuts him off and out she comes to chants of “CEO! CEO!”

Mone says she’s excited to see Willow tear it up when she faces Julia Hart at AEW Dynasty for the TBS Women’s Championship, because whoever emerges with the title, will be facing her next at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 in Las Vegas, NV. After this, we head to another commercial.

AEW Dynamite Results-March 27th,2024
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TBS Women’s Championship Eliminator
Willow Nightingale vs. Kris Statlander vs. Anna Jay vs. Skye Blue

Backstage, “CEO” Mercedes Mone shows up in a fancy car with a fur coat on as we head to another commercial break. When we return, we see Chris Jericho and HOOK for a backstage interview. Jericho tells HOOK how much potential he sees in him and offers his advice and help if he wants it.

HOOK says he does because he’s Chris Jericho. He says he also knows that … he’s Chris Jericho, so he’s gonna watch out for Chris Jericho-type stuff. With Jericho understanding that, the two dap it up and the LionHOOK duo is born.

Inside the arena, Mercedes Mone’s theme hits and out comes “The CEO” to join the gang on the call for special guest commentary of our next match of the evening, which will feature Willow Nightingale vs. Kris Statlander vs. Anna Jay vs. Skye Blue in a four-way TBS Women’s Championship eliminator, to see who will challenge Julia Hart next for the title.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. After some basic early action, a spinning hook kick by Jay sends Blue onto Statlander on the floor. DDT by Blue to Willow but she rolls to the ropes. Sliding lariat by Statlander gets a two on Jay. Shoulder block by Statlander but Blue pulls her outside. Blue eyes up Mone on commentary but Willow blasts her with a pounce out of nowhere.

Hard chops by Statlander to everyone on the outside but Blue fights back with some right hands. Body slam by Willow to Jay on the floor. Back inside the ring Blue DDT’s Statlander but Willow is there for the big spinebuster. Complete Shot by Anna to Willow and everyone is down. Four-way fist-fight in the center of the ring now. High kick by Statlander to Jay and a leg-trapped Michinoku Driver.

A superplex by Anna Jay takes Statlander to the mat! Willow breaks up the pin with a senton and Blue rolls her up for two. Code Blue after a superkick by Blue! Powerbomb-lungblower by Stalander! Ushigaroshi by Jay on to Blue AND Statlander! Two count. Shotgun dropkick by Willow to Jay! Statlander and Willow now stand face-to-face.

Blue is here and throws Willow into Statlander. Death Valley Driver by Willow to Blue on the apron! Stokely looks happy at ringside. Inside the ring, Jay rolls Statlander up for two. Jay sends Statlander to the outside with a big boot but Willow follows up with a power bomb to pick up the pin fall victory. With the win, Willow advances to challenge Julia Hart for the TBS Women’s Title at AEW Dynasty 2024.

After the match wraps up, we see the TBS Women’s Champion Julia Hart appear and blast Willow Nightingale from behind with a cheap shot with the title belt. She locks eyes with Mercedes Mone as the post-match scene wraps up on that note.

Winner and ADVANCING to TBS Women’s Title Match: Willow Nightingale

AEW Dynamite Results-March 20th.2024
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Mercedes Mone Kicks Off This Week’s Show

The new weekly intro video and theme plays and then we shoot live inside the Coca Cola Coliseum in Toronto, ONT., CN., where Excalibur welcomes us to tonight’s show. We head to the ring, where Tony Schiavone introduces his guest at this time, Mercedes Mone.

With that said, “The CEO” makes her way out to a big pop to kick off this week’s show. She says she missed all of this. All of the fans. She is so excited to be here in AEW.

She says we don’t know this, but all of this almost got taken away from her ten months ago with a near career-ending injury for the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship against Willow Nightingale. She says she had a package put together so those unaware can become more familiar with Mercedes Mone. The video airs.

Mone says minor setbacks are only the start of major comebacks. She says “The CEO” is here. She’s here to lead a women’s global revolution. She came to face the very best in AEW and all over the globe.

She mentions what happened with Julia Hart and Skye Blue was her showing what happens when anyone happens with her business, because Willow Nightingale is hers. The lights go out.

When the lights come back on, we see Julia Hart in the aisle smiling. In the ring, Skye Blue attacks Mone. Mone beats her down. Julia tries hitting the ring, but Mone nearly takes her out until Blue pulls her out of the ring. They grab chairs but Willow Nightingale runs out with Kris Statlander and chairs to stop them.

The lights go out again and when they come back on, Hart and Blue are gone. Willow is behind Mone getting ready to hit her with the chair. Mone turns and sees her. Willow drops the chair and decides against it. Mone jaws back-and-forth with her off-mic. She walks off as her theme hits again to end the segment.

When we return, we see Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale with Stokely Hathaway talking about their street fight on AEW Rampage later tonight against Julia Hart and Skye Blue. In comes Mercedes Mone, who thanks Kris Statlander for having her back. Willow tries talking friendly, too, but Mone doesn’t want to hear it.